Root Canal Treatment Preparation

Endo motor

Powerful efficient cutting Longer life more durable

Endo Motor-Y SMART(Mini)

1 year warranty

Endo Motor-Y SMART(PRO)

1 year warranty

Apex Locator

The buzzer will alert when the file is less than 2mm closed to the apex. High testing accuracy, is widely used in the different oral environments

Apex Locator-A13

1 year warranty

Obturation system

2-in-1 system makes filling more easier and convenient


Dental Endodontic
Endo Obturation System
1 year warranty

Obturation Pen

Designed for root canal filling. Op-fill can be heated to 200 º C in 3s, can be melting all kinds of Gutta-percha

Obturation pen R23

1 year warranty

Obturation pen R21

1 year warranty

Hand Plugger

Made of medical grade stainless steel and Niti material on each tip end

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