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market for many years


worldwide Dealer

WESTCODE-is your trusted partner

Established in 2012, a thriving company recognized by dental dealers.
Own factory produces dental equipment.

Dental equipment manufacturer

Efficiently grow your dental equipment business

WESTCODE is a manufacturer of dental equipment. Bypassing third parties & middlemen, your purchase cost will be reduced by 25%, giving you competitive prices, guaranteed after-sales, and guaranteed marketing and service support.

A sales manager (Aicken) will get back to you within two hours

Minimum order quantity



Goods are shipped from China to your designated destination by any shipping method convenient to you

Service Guarantee

With more than 3,000 square meters of inventory warehouses, as well as service and detail centers. We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment.

Production workshop
Communicate technology with dealers
Standardize production


Increase profits by up to 25%

Become our dental product distributor and give you competitive prices. Your purchase cost will be reduced by 25%

Strengthen specialization

Our technicians will guide one-on-one product maintenance, Make your company one step faster after sales, Provide warranty service.

Save time

Equipment warehouse with an area of more than 3000 square meters Thanks to this, equipment is always available and delivery is 2-7 days.


WESTCODE is adept at supplying its products on a private label basis domestically and internationally to distributors and OEM’s

Increase profits by up to 25%

Learn about all partner prices and get 2% off your first order!

company advantage

Premium Dental Equipment

WESTCODE is one of the top dental equipment manufacturers in China. We produce dental equipment in our own factory, so we offer competitive prices and best cooperation conditions.

Convenient price list

Contains images and descriptions of the products, greatly simplifying the process of preparing an order and helping you quickly browse the large range

Certified Goods

Our products have obtained the EU certified CE certificate and have all the necessary documents.

Fast delivery anywhere in the world

Shipments When You Need Them With Typical 3-7 Delivery.

Every customer is important to us

We work with retail stores and dealers everywhere. When ordering from $1000. You have received the wholesale price, if the order is large, we will offer you the lowest price in the market and separate cooperation terms.

Professional sales representative

Each salesperson has more than 5 years of sales experience and can quickly confirm orders in order to recommend suitable products.

Fast quality service

We pay special attention to the maintenance and repair of dental equipment. You can always contact sales for advice, order necessary spare parts, or send your device in for repair.

Always in stock

We always have a large stock in stock so that we can deliver quickly

Diverse product categories

We produce more than 200 categories of dental equipment, which can help you make one-stop shopping. Help you quickly open a larger market area.


Private Brand

Own factory production

We are trusted by over 500 partners

We provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment

Support OEM&ODM

Have a professional sales team

Marketing support and providing photo and video content

Fast delivery in China

The salesperson will contact you within two hours.

Support multiple payment methods

Get a consultation

Fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible

1. To start cooperation, you can leave a request on the website.
Email: six@xnd-westcode.com
WhatsApp: +86 130 6093 0687
2. Your personal manager will contact you to clarify details and provide detailed advice on emerging issues and classifications.
3. Form an order (independently or with the help of a manager)
4. We collect your order in our own warehouse in time with photo and video recording.
5. We send the generated order through the shipping company of your choice
6. You track the movement and receive the package in a short time.

Yes, it is possible. Conditions are discussed separately.

If the product category you selected is in our production range, but you do not find the product you need, then you can contact the sales manager to inquire.

All commodities have corresponding documents and quality certificates. In addition, all orders undergo double quality control, including photo and video recording, before being sent.


Depending on your answers, you will receive individual conditions.

We will regularly participate in the exhibition.
Medical Technician and Dealer Training
Own production equipment
We source raw materials directly from raw material suppliers and will produce finished products


No.7 Hegui Rd,Luocun street Nanhai district, Foshan Guangdong china

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