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Why Westcode Dental is A Partner

We understand the complexities of your job, so we are here to remove the uncertainty that comes with selecting a long-lasting and beautiful Handpieces quality solution.

Provide discounts and free samples for distributors, laboratories, OEMs, merchants, foreign traders and OEMs


Special Discounts & Pricing

Each Dental Instruments reseller partner receives special discounts on all of our Dental Instruments and components, including regular promotions and special pricing. We guarantee competitive Dental Instruments pricing, complete with a value-backed proposition that is unmatched in our industry.

Special pricing and discounts

Free samples and demonstration kits

Higher tiered discounts with volume


Expert Design & Concierge Support

We genuinely care for your success. Our job is not done until you and your customers are ecstatic. You will receive dedicated service that is attentive and detailed, including expert handpiece design. Westcode Handpiece assures that each rep has been trained in Dental Instruments design, customer service and equipped with the right tools to help you with any quote, quickly.

Specialized technical support

Fast Quoting within 24 Hours

Dedicated, personal account manager

Professional collaboration for projects of any size


Highest Quality Components with a Competitive Edge

Our handpiece are made up of the highest quality components giving them a quality and long lasting lifespan that outperforms any Handpiece on the market. Plus, you’ll receive accurate specifications, test data, a money-back guarantee, and one of the longest warranties in our industry.

Highest quality dental handpieces with optimum stability

Product customization (appearance, packaging)

Accurate single case selection (same quality for repeat orders)

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