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Distributor Signup Sheet

For immediate help, speak to us at our dedicated After-Sales Support line at 0757-8640-3211 for:

We will use the email address: or use WhatsApp: +86 130-6093-0687 to reply to your question, please pay attention to receive it! ! !

Handpiece Distributors

Relationships are so much more than just selling a product

We are searching for Dental Handpiece distributors in the China and abroad:

Join us in the global changeover to dental handpiece! Become a WESTCODE DENTAL distributor and get special access, wholesale Handpiece pricing, and incredible sales support.

We are an China company located in Foshan, China. We gladly support our Handpiece wholesalers and distributors, offering factory direct pricing and an unparalleled support system for all of our high quality Handpiece products and accessories.

Our commitment to you:

We believe in learning about your business and getting a firm understanding of how to develop a marketing strategy in order to maximize the potential in working together.

By understanding the individual needs of our clients, we are able to tailor make distribution packages that not only allow for great margins, but also give scope for expansion – after all, we are looking for life long partnerships.

We started this business because there were a distinct lack of standards within the industry, we set out to bring order to the confusion by simplifying Handpiece technology as well as independently testing and verifying all of our data. We have quickly become a well-known brand within our field with a reputation of excellence.

WESTCODE offers premium Handpiece lighting solutions and expert advice that allow your visions to become reality while minimizing your project’s environmental impact.

We are actively looking for partners that believe in our product and ethos as much as we do.

If feel you would like to share in our success join us on the forefront of Handpiece technology please fill in the form below or email our global distribution manager directly –

Let us navigate you to success.

Being an Handpiece Distributor is simple to do!

Please complete the above form to distribute our handpiece products. A Westcode sales representative will contact you with further instructions.

Handpiece Bulk Orders:

Starting a new commercial or Purchasing and Inventory project?

We can work with you directly on large projects – simply contact us at the email below for more details. Are you a licensed dealer in your country? If so, you qualify to receive wholesale pricing from westcode on all of our Handpiece products. These prices are usually only available to handpiece distributors and wholesalers!

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To: Aicken Liang

We will use the email address: or WhatsApp: +86-130-6093-0687 to reply to your question, please pay attention to receive it! ! !

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