Dental Loupe-1817

3.5x or 2.5x Nearsighted Inner Frame Glasses

Dental Loupe Glass Magnifier Eyewear Dentist Binoculars Loup with Prescription Frame Spotlight Head Light Surgical Medical Lens

Magnification: 2.5X / 3.5X
Working Distance: 320-420 mm
Depth of View: 90 mm / 80 mm
Field of View: 100 mm / 60 mm
Power: 5 W
Working Time: 5 hours
Intensity: 15000-30000 Lux
Bulb Lifetime: 10000 hours
Input Voltage: AC100-240V / 50-60HZ
Rechargeable lithium battery, adjustable brightness, with prescription glasses frame

1. When use the battery power supply, you need to charge in time if brightness of the light significantly weakened.
2. This product can only work in DC condition. It can not work while charging.
3. Turn off the power when you do not use or charging.
4. You can not use liquid cleaners to clean the product.
5. You need to recharge in time when the battery power is not full, or the battery will be scrapped.

1. First time use or long time not use, please charge for more than 6 hours.
2. Please use the distribution adapter to avoid any damage of spare parts.
3. Please use wet and clean soft cloth to clean this device, then use dry colth to wipe dry the water.
4. Use alcohol clean optic glass and adjust screw parts.
5. Not bathe or high temperature high pressure this device.
6. Attention for the LED light, avoid aiming at eyes directly.
7. Do not look directly into the sun when you wearing the loupe.
8. Keep the device dry, do not use it at any wet place.
9. Not attach or wipe the optic glass with anything hard or dirty.
10. Waste battery please treatment according to the relevant provisions, please do not throw away.
11. Put the device into the box after using.

Because of the different Standard of every country, please message the model of plug specification when purchase (UK, AU, US or EU)! Thank you!
If plug in stock doesn't meet you demand, a adapter will be provided freely.

Package Included:
1x glasses with binocular loupes
1x prescription glasses frame
1x LED head light
1x battery
1x power adapter
1x flexible headband
1x user manual

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