High Speed Dental Handpiece-X45LG(45 Degree dental dirll )


45 angle head unprecedented performance applicable to the treatment site arrival wisdom teeth,impacted teeth separation and removal,X45LG series high speed turbine, the greatest feature is the 45 angle head and silm body design. Therefore, when the separation and removal of wisdom teeth and hard to reach the impacted tooth will show their talents!

Technical parameters

Head type:
45 Degree Standard Head
Rotational speed:
Head size:
Water spray:
Mode of bur changing:
Connection method:
Bur specification​
For FG extra-long burs(25mm)only
Ceramic Bearings

Features of dental handpiece

1.45 angle head Westcode 45 angle turbine head, assure you a wide field of view and superior performance of the arrived treatment site. Apply to the removal and separation the hard tissue of cover wisdom teeth and impacted tooth.

2. Single Water Spray Single water spray, make the treatment area no dead angle, while achieving optimum cooling effect.

3. Rear exhaust The rear exhaust effectively prevents air embolism and soft tissue infections.

4.LED The LED light was independently researched and developed, and uses imported materials, allowing it to bear repeated sterilization of high temperatures and high pressure.

4.Easily maintained Cartridges can easily be changed in-surgery.


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