High Speed Dental Handpiece-X2PLUS(Stainless Steel Head)


Stainless steel head, Sanitary Head System, Anti-slip design, Four water spray, Water Filter & Non-return Valve

Technical parameters

Head type:
Standard Head
Rotational speed:
Head size:
Water spray:
Mode of bur changing:
Connection method:
Bur specification​
1.6MM, FG bur,Apply to ISOstandards
Ceramic Bearings

Features of dental handpiece

1.Stainless steel head Thanks to its uniquely designed shock-resistant head design, King Kong PLUS’s turbine rotor won’t get damaged even if dropped from two meters onto a concrete floor.

2. Sanitary Head System The system is placed inside the turbine head to prevent blood from changing pressure as a result of stopping work, Virus and other foreign bodies through the nose into the device inside the turbine. At the same time because no foreign body intrusion in the bearing, Greatly improved the service life of the turbine bearing.

3. Exceptional longevity The new designed nose structure has the function of shockproof and anti-desorption, protecting bearing durability and prolonging service life.

4.Anti-slip design Effectively solve the problem of slippage during use. An ergonomic body shape.

5.Four-point spray and water-air separating structure The X2PLUS dental handpiece has an independent Four-point spray cooling system and special water-air separating structure. The formed water spray surrounds the bur during high speed cutting operation to fully clean it and better cool it. The special water-air separating structure effectively avoids no water supply caused by high air pressure.

6.Westcode Patent: Water Filter & Non-return Valve Water filter The water filter effectively prevents the impurity particles in Water source into the water tube. Non-return valve non-return valve is setting in the connector, it is a non-return Valve device which prevent the water tube when stop working The back suction structure start inside in water supply system Brought into the water supply pipe. It can prevent cross infection when it use with the hygienic Head system together.


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