High Speed Dental Handpiece-X1(Mini Head)


Innovative high-speed turbines: Mini head & Slim body Mini head and slim body design: Surgical site wider field of vision, Surgical procedures the operation more flexible. WESTCODE Hummingbird Series products are Particularly suitable for minimally invasive surgery, Children’s dentistry. But more generally, this is appropriate for all patients requiring minor oral surgery.

Technical parameters

Head type:
Mini Head
Rotational speed:
Head size:
Water spray:
Mode of bur changing:
Push-button/Wrench type
Connection method:
Bur specification​
1.6MM, FGbur,Suitable for short handle
burs or ultra short handle burs
Ceramic Bearings

Features of dental handpiece

1. Mini head & Slim body The X1handpiece uses a super small head of 9.2 mm, This allows the handpiece to have easier access to the back teeth without the limitations of a narrow space.

2.Single Water Spray Precise cooling

3. Chromium Body Chromium body with scratch-resistant. The light handpiece reduces the burden on the hands during operations, and its enhanced hardness also improves its ability for autoclave sterilization.

4.Anti-suction system The X1 uses an anti-absorption system to prevent the inhalation of blood, viruses and skin particles by the negative pressure generated when the phone stops working, thereby avoiding the risk of cross-infection. This also better protects the dental cartridge from damage caused by foreign objects, thereby greatly improving the service life of the mobile phone and saving costs.


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