Dental Curing Light: What to Source in 2023

Today, more and more people pay attention to oral health, which has led to the rapid development of the dental industry. As one of the necessary technologies in modern dentistry, photocuring technology has a growing market demand. The following will introduce the basic concepts, advantages and market prospects of dental light curing technology.

What is Dental Light Curing Technology?
Photocuring technology is a technology commonly used in dental restorations. It uses polymers to undergo a photosensitive reaction under ultraviolet or blue light irradiation, thereby polymerizing the monomers in the photosensitizer into polymer materials. The technology can be used for composite resin filler materials, cements, surface coatings and translucent ceramic materials, etc.

Advantages of Dental Light Curing Technology
Compared with traditional restorative materials, dental light curing technology has significant advantages:

Fast: Dental light curing technology can quickly set and cure composite materials, reducing patient waiting time and treatment time.

Precise: Light curing technology can precisely control the treatment process and the photosensitive reaction time of the materials used.

Aesthetics: Light-cured composites have a color and texture similar to natural teeth and can provide aesthetically pleasing restorations.

Durable: Light-cured composites provide longer-lasting restorations that are more durable and less susceptible to tooth erosion and wear.

Market prospect of dental light curing technology
As people pay more and more attention to oral health, the market demand in the dental industry is also growing. According to market research firm Statista, the global dental market will grow from US$32.4 billion in 2018 to US$43.6 billion in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.5%. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region is the largest dental market and is expected to account for more than 40% of the global market share. In dental technology, light curing technology is one of the important restoration methods, and the market demand is gradually increasing.

What is the Global Dental Light Curing Market Value?
According to the report, the global dental light curing market is valued at USD 2.24 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.3% until 2031, reaching USD 3.97 billion by the end of 2031. Among them, Asia Pacific accounted for the largest share of the dental light curing market, followed by Europe and North America.

Which type of dental light curing holds a prominent market share?
According to the report, traditional handheld UV light curing equipment and wireless dental light curing equipment are the two types that occupy the main market share in the market, and the market shares of the two are 32% and 26%, respectively. In addition to this, light guide system dental light curing equipment also occupies a considerable share in the market.

What factors need to be considered when purchasing dental curing light?
Selecting the right dental curing light equipment requires consideration of the following factors:

1. Light intensity: Light intensity refers to the intensity of the light emitted by the curing light, and an appropriate light intensity should be selected to ensure the effect of dental treatment.

2. Wavelength: Different dental treatments require light curing equipment with different wavelengths. For example, equipment using blue wavelengths is used to set varnishes, while equipment using ultraviolet wavelengths is used to set composite fillers.

3. Ease of use: Choose equipment that is easy to carry and use to improve work efficiency.

4. Price: The price of the equipment should be considered, and factors such as price and performance need to be weighed.

5. Brand reputation and after-sales service: choose a manufacturer with a good brand reputation and perfect after-sales service to obtain better after-sales support and technical services.


The dental light-curing market is gonna be really profitable since dentists are increasingly on the lookout for products that can save ’em time and money when curing resins.


Here’s a gallery of dental curing light that you can source from westcode suppliers.

1. 4 working modes

Order No.: XM-EL1042

● Special lens condenser design
● Broad spectrum blue-violet light design, suitable for most resins on the market
● 4pcs 12W high power LED light source
● 360° rotation curing head
● Constant power output design
● 4 working modes: super power, constant power, gradually strong, flash
● Time setting:
super power mode:1s,3s,5s
Constant power, flash, gradually strong modes::5s,10s,15s,20s,25s,30s,35s,40s

Westcode has been focusing on dental products for 10 years. The company welcomes OEM orders and has CE and ISO certifications.

MOQ:2 units

Lead time: 2 to 10 days

2. 7 special lens

Order No.: XM-H0113

Special lens condenser design
● Broad spectrum blue-violet light design,
suitable for most resins on the market
● 4pcs 12W high power LED light source
● 360° rotation curing head
● Constant power output design
● 2 working modes: Strong light mode, standard mode
● Time setting:
Strong light mode:1s,3s,5s
Standard mode:10s,20s,30s

MOQ:2 units

Lead time: 2 to 10 days

3. Measurable and dimmable light intensity

Order No.: XM-EL1000

– Type: wireless
– 3 modes: strong, gradually strong, flash
– Time setting: 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, 35s, 40s
– Whitening
– Measurable and dimmable light intensity
– Built in cooling fan, overheating avoidance
– Stable power output, not affect the curing effect due to
the battery drop
– High capacity Li-on battery, one-time full charge,
working time 10s each time, can be used continuously
for more than 300 times
– Low battery alert
– Ultra low standby power consumption, long standby time

MOQ:2 units

Lead time: 2 to 7 days

4. Plastic Light Curing

Order No.:  XM-EL1002

This EL1002 is easy to operate, there are 6 color options, large quantities of orders can be customized packaging customization

MOQ:2 units

Lead time: 2 to 7 days