Central suction system series

Professional for central suction system

Technology & Function

Improve working efficiency

>lt can quickly suck away oral secretions and moisture such as saliva, tooth powde,dentalcslculus, stained blood during the process of oral treatment. Effectivelyreduce the risk of cross-infection, Protect the doctors and patients well. > To alleviate the interference of the patient’s continuous swallowing reflex, providebetter vision and efficiency work for the doctors. This product with the advantagesof smart structure, small size, low noise, low energy consumption, strong suction,simple and convenient operation performance.

Frequency technology, Strong power

>Super silent, Strong suction. >This Product with imported noise reduction device, it can reduce the noiseeffectively during working, provide a quiet silent treatment clinic. >The working way of wet pumping can increase the vacuum rate to 97%, andreach a strong suction effect.

Water and air separation system

>Wast water and exhaust air are effectively separate by this system. >The exhaust air is discharged to the outdoors automatically and directly,effectively prevent clinic pollution. >Direct discharge, without any cleaning and maintenance.



>Model:C4L >Supply dental chairs:1-4units >Rated wordking voltage:220V~230V >Rated power:1100W >Working frequency:50HZ >Absolute vacuum degree:97% >Noise:50dB(A) >Working water volume:0.1-0.25 m2/h >Liquid suction capacity:8L/min >Air suction volume:950L/min >Product size:64*44*48CM >Packing size:68*47.5*68CM >Net weight:55KG >Gross weight:66KG


>Model:C6L >Supply dental chairs:1-6units >Rated wordking voltage:220V~230V >Rated power:1450W >Working frequency:50HZ >Absolute vacuum degree:97% >Noise:55dB(A) >Working water volume:0.12-0.3m2/h >Liquid suction capacity:12L/min >Air suction volume:1700L/min >Product size:64*44*48CM >Packing size:68*47.5*68CM >Net weight:57KG >Gross weight:68KG


>Model:C8L >Supply dental chairs:1-8units >Rated wordking voltage:220V~230V >Rated power:1500W >Working frequency:55HZ >Absolute vacuum degree:97% >Noise:58dB(A) >Working water volume:0.15-0.35m2/h >Liquid suction capacity:18L/min >Air suction volume:2300L/min >Product size:64*44*48CM >Packing size:68*47.5*68CM >Net weight:58KG >Gross weight:69KG


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