Buyer’s Guide: Westcode Air Prophy Unit 2023

Introduction: The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Today, oral hygiene has become an increasingly important part of people’s lives. In this field, Air Prophy Unit has become one of the must-have tools for dental cleaning equipment. If you are a reseller and looking for a high quality Air Prophy Unit to meet customer needs, then we strongly recommend you to consider our company’s products.

Benefits of Choosing Our Air Prophy Unit

Our company is an Air Prophy Unit manufacturer from China, committed to providing high-quality, high-performance dental cleaning equipment to global customers. Our Air Prophy Unit has the following advantages that will make your customers happy and willing to buy:

High Quality Materials and Production Processes

HIGH QUALITY: We use the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art production processes to ensure the superior performance and durability of our Air Prophy Unit. Our products stand the test of time and remain efficient and reliable over long periods of use.

High Performance Technology and Design

High performance: Our Air Prophy Unit adopts the latest technology and design to ensure the best cleaning effect, and also provides a variety of different nozzles and particle sizes to meet the needs of different customers. Our products can clean teeth quickly and thoroughly, and provide customers with a comfortable and safe use experience.

Affordability and Practicality for Customers

Affordable and Practical: Our Air Prophy Unit is affordable and one of the most cost-effective options on the market. At the same time, our products have a long service life and low maintenance costs, which can provide long-term value and benefits to your customers.

Safety and Hygiene Features for Users

Safety and Hygiene: Our “XM-EL1044” Air Prophy Unit can be sterilized by high pressure and high temperature to kill bacteria and viruses and prevent cross-infection. Our products are ergonomically designed for user-friendly operation and are not easy to clog, which can provide users with a more hygienic and safer cleaning experience.

Solving the Clogging Problem with Our Air Prophy Unit

If you as a dealer are considering buying an Air Prophy Unit, clogging issues can be an important factor for you to consider. In fact, many other brands of Air Prophy Units have clogging problems, which will not only affect the cleaning effect of users, but may also increase the difficulty of use and maintenance costs for users.

The Advantages of Our Air Prophy Unit over Other Brands

Compared with other brands, our company’s Air Prophy Unit has one important advantage – it perfectly solves the problem of clogging. We have adopted the most advanced technology and design to ensure that our products can spray powder smoothly without affecting the cleaning effect due to clogging. The well-designed nozzles and pipes of our Air Prophy Unit allow the airflow and powder to be sprayed evenly, thus ensuring the stability and consistency of the cleaning effect.

Conclusion: Choosing Our Air Prophy Unit as a Distributor

Compared with other brands of Air Prophy Units, our products have obvious advantages. It can not only provide users with better cleaning effect, but also reduce the maintenance cost and difficulty of use of cleaning equipment, thereby improving user satisfaction and reputation.

If you, as a distributor, want to provide a high-quality Air Prophy Unit and want to solve the clogging problems that users may encounter, then our company’s products will be your best choice. We believe that our Air Prophy Unit can help you attract more clients and bring you more business opportunities. If you are interested in learning more or ordering our products, please contact our sales team, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

1. 135°,Metal Material

Order No.: XM-EL1044

The air disinfection unit can be sterilized at 135° and has two heads to choose kavo style and ems style. It perfectly solves the after-sales problem of dealers caused by clogging powder.

MOQ:2 units

Lead time: 2 to 7 days

2. Easy to change nozzles

Order No.:  XM-EL1043

Positive pressure anti-suction system,accurate sandblasting,smooth sanding.gentle spray does not hurt gums and enamel.
For gingival applications:
Concentrated and precise powder forefficient cleaning and reduced powder mistPerfect ergonomics and balance to reducehand fatigue
Gentle and effective removal of biofilm anddiscoloration
Color: blue, white

MOQ:2 units

Lead time: 2 to 7 days

3. Affordable Models for Students

Order No.: XM-EL1045

The biggest feature of X2 is that it is made of stainless steel, single-point water spray, sanitary head system, and German ceramic bearings. 12-month warranty is provided. Price and MOQ are available on direct inquiry.

MOQ:2 units

Lead time: 2 to 7 days