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Foshan Snyder Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd.(WESTCODE’s) culture is based on a desire for solidarity, honesty and development. Our mission is to create better equipment for dentists, competitive prices for dealers, and a better quality of life for our employees.

Our customers are our main partners.

WESTCODE is constantly in touch with customers. In the process of creating new products, we are in direct contact with dentists and dental technicians, taking into account their wishes and needs in treating patients.

Thanks to dentists, we improve the health of people around the world by providing quality and innovative equipment.

We are constantly striving to improve and innovate in the field of dentistry, from dental equipment that makes doctors’ daily work more comfortable and efficient,
To instruments that take the field of dentistry to a new level of development.

The vision of the company, whose goal is to provide a wide range of high-quality, functional and innovative dental equipment to equip clinics, give as many physicians as possible the opportunity to perform effective treatments. Give dealers access to a larger market for dental equipment.

The goal is to provide a wide range of high quality, functional and innovative dental equipment to equip clinics so that as many doctors as possible have the opportunity to perform effective treatment. Open a bigger market to dealers around the world.

We have transformed 10 years of medical practice into the production, sale and export of dental equipment.

Why do we do this?

Helping Importers, Distributors and Dental Laboratories of Dental Equipment Worldwide

Foshan Snyder Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a private label (WESTCODE) manufacturer and works with dental equipment importers and dentists.

Our customers: Dentists, clinics, clinic chains, dental equipment stores and government agencies, as well as hospitals and dental laboratories.
Bypass third-party purchases of dental equipment – you save time, money and get the guarantee of quality and originality.

Increase profits by up to 25%

Learn about all partner prices and get 3% off your first order!

Contact us in any convenient way. We are happy to accept new ideas and answer your questions:

Phone:+86 130 6093 0687

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