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High Speed Dental Handpiece-Stainless steel head-Titanium body-X4s

Torque: 0.40(N)-0.45(N)
Chuck type: Push button
Noise: Less than 60dB
Air pressure: 0.25(Mpa)-0.30(Mpa)
Speed: 300,000(rpm)-350,000(rpm)
Water flow: 90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)

Product Details

Model name: X4T/S

Titanium material,Surface is scratch-resistant and hard to distort.

Clean head with anti-retraction system,which can reduce cross-infection.

4 water spray with perfect cooling effect,which can quickly cool the heat generated in the treatment, reducing the pain of the patients and helping the dentists to operate smoothly.

Germany Ceramic bearing, noise less than 60dB,which can reduce the fear of patients and provide a humanized experience.

Suitable for high temperature steam at 135℃,easy for disinfection.

Price is very competitive,welcome to send an inquiry.

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