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High Speed Dental Handpiece 5 LED-X5KL

Torque: 0.40(N)-0.45(N)
Chuck type: Push button
Noise: Less than 63dB
Head:Integrated head
Spray: 5-way water spray
Air pressure: 0.25(Mpa)-0.30(Mpa)
Rotate speed: 300,000(rpm)-350,000(rpm)

Product Details

Model: X5KL


Chuck Type Push button
Bearing  Type Ceramic bearing with cover
Power 23W
LED Power 10,000-17,000LUX
Led  Voltage 3-3.4V
Head Type Standard head
Bur Size Φ1.59mm~Φ1.60mm
Water Spray Triple water spray
Air Spray Triple air spray
Noise <63dB
Body Material Copper
Operating Pressure 0.25-0.3Mpa
RPM 300,000-350,000min-1
Connector QD


One-piece Molding Head

Better roundness, vibration-free, and avoid water and air leaks.


SMD technology of LED bulb, which is never damaged, can withstand great air pressure and high temperature steam at 135℃,easy for disinfection.

German dynamic balance

Cartridge is tested by German dynamic balance machine,less vibration,less noise,longer lifespan.

Best Quality Ceramic Bearing

2.78mm higher support step of bearing, which can prolong the lifespan of the China dental handpiece.Ceramic bearing with cover, dust-proof, for more easier maintain and make the lifespan longer.

Super Powerful Head

With 23W big power, super strong cutting force.

Triple Water Spray

With excellent cooling effect, which can quickly cool the heat generated in the treatment, reducing the pain of the patients and helping the dentists to operate smoothly.

Anti-skid and Non-scratch Design

Special design on the 5 LEDs turbine handpiece handle, it is easy to control.Dentist can feel convenient and comfortable during the operation.

Low Noise

Noise less than 63dB, which can reduce the fear of patients and provide a humanized experience.

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