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Welcome to our VIP buyer community!

More than the sourcing opportunities, we want to give you the star treatment you deserve through our VIP Buyer Program. From customized services to exclusive rewards and special privileges, get ready to enjoy all these benefits and more as our valued VIP buyer. Nothing but the best for you!


Year-round free new product & discount reminder service

Westcode VIP buyer team, providing a hassle-free purchasing experience for our VIP buyers. This tailor-made service is a one-stop purchasing service.

If you are interested in our VIP buyer service, please feel free to contact or send email to six@xnd-westcode.com for more information.

Buyer Testimonials

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I find the VIP buyer service very nice. The service provided is wonderful. We get a lot of support from your team for any needs we may have. So I make great use of it and I’m very thankful to you guys for making this service available.

George Stepancich, UK

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Definitely you get treated well by the VIP Buyer program. This is a great service. I’m really pleased with it.

Sacha Barry, Malaysia

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Welcome to our VIP buyer community!

Go on a life-changing sourcing experience. As a VIP, you’ll enjoy these exclusive privileges and perks:[/vc_column_text][vc_row_inner woodmart_css_id=”64381a0606706″ responsive_spacing=”eyJwYXJhbV90eXBlIjoid29vZG1hcnRfcmVzcG9uc2l2ZV9zcGFjaW5nIiwic2VsZWN0b3JfaWQiOiI2NDM4MWEwNjA2NzA2Iiwic2hvcnRjb2RlIjoidmNfcm93X2lubmVyIiwiZGF0YSI6eyJ0YWJsZXQiOnt9LCJtb2JpbGUiOnt9fX0=” mobile_bg_img_hidden=”no” tablet_bg_img_hidden=”no” woodmart_parallax=”0″ woodmart_gradient_switch=”no” woodmart_box_shadow=”no” wd_z_index=”no” woodmart_disable_overflow=”0″ row_reverse_mobile=”0″ row_reverse_tablet=”0″][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″]


Free Transport to the Venue

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Free Cloakroom Service

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Complimentary Daliy Power Breakfast

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Complimentary Drinks at the Show

[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text woodmart_inline=”no” text_larger=”no”]Become our westcode reseller, you can use to get the best price support and get free samples.

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