Dental Handpieces

High Speed Dental Handpiece-X1LG (Mini Head)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X2LG (New SMT LED)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X3LG (New SMT LED)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X5LG (5 SMT LED)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X45LG (45 Degree )
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X5KL (5 LED+KaVo Connector)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X3LG Pro (Caries detection Handpiece with generator)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X1KL (Fiber Optic Light)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X45KL (Fiber Optic Light)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X4KL (Fiber Optic Light)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X45 (45 Degree )
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X3 (Economical)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X4T (Titanium-Torque head)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X4S (Titanium-standard head)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X2PLUS (Stainless Steel Head)
High Speed Dental Handpiece-X1 (Mini Head)
Low Speed Handpiece-L530 (Internal Water Spray)
Low Speed Handpiece-L305 (External Water Spray)
Low Speed Handpiece-L430 (Internal Water Spray)
Low Speed Handpiece-L203C (External Water Spray)
Low Speed Handpiece-L320 (External Water Spray)
Low Speed Handpiece-L203 (External Water Spray)
Contra angle-1:5
Contra angle-1:1
Straight Handpiece-1:4.2
Implant dental handpiece 20:1
Implant dental handpiece 20:1 (Self-luminous)
Reciprocating series
Straight Handpiece-1:1
Surgical handpieces
Quick Coupling-2 hole LED series
Quick Coupling-4 hole series
Quick Coupling-6 hole fiber optic series

Electrouics series

Dental Magnifying Glass 1918(2.5X/3.5X/with light)
Dental Magnifying Glass 1818(2.5X/3.5X/with light)
Dental Magnifying Glass 1813(4X/6X/with light)
Dental Magnifying Glass 1814(2.5X/with light)
Dental Magnifying Glass 1817(2.5X/3.5X/with light)
Dental Magnifying Glass 1916(2.5X/3.5X/with light)
Dental Magnifying Glass 1815(2.5X/3.5X/with light)
Dental Magnifying Glass 1816(2.5X/3.5X/with light)
Dental Magnifying Glass Catalog
Ar Heater
Dental Magicabox
Dental Oral Cavity Endoscope-OR01
External Electric Motor-NL500-L
Central suction system
LED light Sandblasting Cabinet Dust Cover
Professional assembly tools series
1 Second LED Curing Light-EL1004
LED Curing Light-EL1002
LED Curing Light-EL1000
LED Curing Light-EL1001
LED Curing Light-XM-EL1003
Endo Motor-Y SMART(mini)
Endo Motor-Y SMART(PRO)
Endo Motor-with apex locator
Apex Locator-A13
Obturation System-OS1
Obturation pen series
Root files

Dental clinic tools

Air Prophy Jet-AP31
Air Prophy Jet-AP30
Air Prophy Jet-AP30
Air Prophy Jet-AP29
Aluminum-oxide-micro-blaster(with water)
Aluminum-oxide-micro-blaster(without water)
Aluminum-oxide-micro-blaster(with water)
Aluminum-oxide-micro-blaster(without water)
IPR interproximal Enamel (Air kit)
IPR interproximal Enamel(Hand use kit )
IPR interproximal Enamel (Electric kit)
Mini Lubricator
Handpiece Cleaner oil
Dental Pressure Gauge
Dental Implant Torque Wrench
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