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Westcode has specialized in Dental Handpieces、Dental Bur、Dental LED Light Curing、 Rotary Files、Dental Air Prophy Unit、Aluminum Oxide Micro Blaster and Dental Loupes since 2013. Our Dental Handpieces have CE and IS013485 certificates, while Dental LED Light Curing、Aluminum Oxide Micro Blaster、Dental Bur、 Rotary Files and Dental Endodontic Heated Pen have also obtained CE declarations. In addition, All Products we offer are strictly tested before leaving the factory.

High Speed Handpieces

Dental handpieces are basic medical equipment in stomatology. It is mainly used for drilling and cutting of teeth, restoration and polishing of restorations, etc. It can also be used for periodontal surgery and alveolar surgery. lt has special design technology for functional reliability and durability, and has obtained CE certificate and declaration of conformity. Westcode dental handpieces feature stainless steel and titanium plated bodies. On the one hand, the weight of the dental handpiece is greatly reduced.

Whether you’re looking for a high speed dental handpiece with a standard head,torque head, a mini head,With Light,Without Light, fiber-optics, or non-optics, we have the right dental tools for you. Our handpieces are engineered for a quiet, lightweight, and vibration-free experience with superior torque and cutting power. Check out our Next Generation of high speed dental handpieces, X4 Series. All handpieces are made in the China.
Let Westcode Dental, based in Foshan, China, be your premier provider of high speed dental handpieces. We provide high quality tools, parts, and accessories. Order with confidence today.
• 12 months warranty on dental high-speed handpieces
Usually we will send some spare parts and repair tools with the order for future after-sales service.
• All dental high-speed handpieces use imported ceramic bearings and Spindle
• Good quality with suitable price
• All dental high-speed handpieces are produced in Bolden 2 hole or Midwest 4 hole models
• Support customized LOGO, label
• Every dental handpiece is tested by dynamic balancing technology
• Has anti retraction system
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