Implant Handpieces 20:1

Product code: Optic: X20L/Non Optic :X20

●Max.Speed:2.000 rpm
●Max. Torque;80 Ncm
●Titanium body with scratch resistant
●Push button chuck

● External and internalcooling
●Double sealing system
●Cellular glass optics

XM-S020(Non Optic )

●Max.Speed:2,000 rpm ●Max.Torque:80 Ncm ●Stainless steel body

●Push button chuck ● External and internal cooling ●Double sealing system

XM-W020(Non Optic )

●Max.Speed:2,000 rpm ●Max.Torque:80 Ncm ●Stainless steelbody

●Push buttonchuck ●External and internal cooling
●Double sealing system


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