Contra angle 1:5 increasing series

Product code: with Light: X95L/without light :X95

→ Finishing →Resectioning → Dental trepanning → Removal of fillings and metals → Preparation of crown abutments and cavities

Technical parameters

Max speed:
Water spray:
Titanium body with scratch resistant
Mode of bur changing:
Bur specification:​
For FGburs(Ø1.6)

Features of dental handpiece

1.Bearing Ceramic Bearings are harder than conventional steel bearings,Optimum service life and quiet operation due to ceramic ball bearings and innovative gearing technology

2. Clean Head System stops blood and foreign matter from entering the head from the oral cavity.

3.Clean Easy to clean, comprehensive protection. Surface enhancement technology, takes advantage of the non allergic and biocompatible properties of titanium to further improve durability.

4.Disinfectable and sterilizable Prevent cross infection.

5.Perfect balance with the new micromotor.

6.Anti heat system


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