why choose 2in1 sandblaster system?

The cooling system prevents the powder flying around and contaminating the surrounding air. The ergonomically designed 360-degree rotary head operation is more flexible and convenient, hand-controlled button operation is more safer. With anti-suction function, prevent sand powder from sucking back into the dental chair water vapor system. It can be sterilized at of 135 degrees to prevent cross-infection. Connect directly to the dental chair handpiece hose to save time. Aluminum oxide powder is mainly used for surface cleaning and microcoarsening before bonding; The surface roughening of the whole porcelain and metal repairies;The bottom of the net such as the orthodontic hook bond before coarsening, the secondary debonding agent to remove the maximum increase in adhesion force. The use of sodium bicarbonate powder can eliminate cigarette stains on the surface of the tooth, food residues can also remove plaque and pigment spots in the tooth space In order to resist the accumulation of antimicrobial plaque, block the formation of dentition, and prevent periodontal disease. At the same time, it can increase the brightness and whiteness of the teeth themselves.It makes your teeth look good and beautiful.

Products description

1. Extraoral application: used for cleaning and coarsening of the surface before bonding. Metal / porcelain crown; Fiber post; Inlay / high inlay; Maryland Bridge; Orthodontic brackets and stents; The removal of the original cement adhesive layer two times before bonding; Defect detection of metal casting repair body. 2. intraoral applications: surface microcoarsening in the treatment of porcelain or resin restorations.


The Air abrasion master by direct supply of dental unit, turn off the water of dental unit before Use, will be connected with the handpiece tube connector.

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