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Mini Head Handpieces with Self-illuminating-X1LG

Torque: 0.40(N)-0.45(N)
Chuck type: Push button
Noise: Less than 60dB
Head: Integrated head
Spray: 1 water spray
Air pressure: 0.25(Mpa)-0.30(Mpa)
Rotate speed: 300,000(rpm)-350,000(rpm)

Product Details

Product code: X1LG, Original model: XM-H200L

LED,Mini Head,1 Water Spray

●Material: copper alloy,Drop-resistant

●One-piece CNC molding head: Better roundness, less vibration, and avoid water and air leaks

●Torque head,Push button

●Water spray: 1-way water spray

●Bearing: Ceramic bearing with cover

●LED: 4.0 SMD technology, longer lifespan, never-damage light.

●Cartridge is tested by German dynamic balance machine, less vibration, less noise, longer lifespan.

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