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Dental Endodontic Endo Obturation System

Product Details

This product is suitable for dental necrosis of the root canal, chronic pulpitis (including periapical granuloma, periapical abscess, periapical cyst), periodontal disease of the pulp, and systemic diseases that should not be extracted. Those who need treatment or temporary retention of the teeth can use the hot melt dental filling system, which can closely fill the root canal in the tooth, which not only changes the original filling method but also makes up for the original filling defect.

1)2-in-1 system makes filling more easier and convenient
2)Temperature adjustment digital display, temperature adjustment is more convenient
3)Small body and more ergonomic
4)Rapid heating for improved operating efficiency
5)Digital display of battery power
6)Work status display
7)There is a buzzer sound during operation
8)Wireless handpiece, easy to use
9)Holding and operating very comfortable
10)Exactly temperature-control and thermal protector cap can be avoiding scald
11)Gun needle can be 360rotation, easier to get the fill position
12)Gun needle screw design, effectively prevent the glue
13)It can be at 200℃ in the 30s, can be melting all kinds of gutta-percha
14)Large capacity for battery, which can use a long time

Li-ion chargeable battery ( pen )
3.7V, 2600mAh
Operating time
Continuous for 1.5h
Heating time ( pen )
5 s
Heating time ( gun )
30 s to 200 degree
Heat plunger
F,FM,M,ML , 5 pcs
Working temperature
150°C,180°C. 200°C, 230°C
White, Black

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