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1 Second Light Curing

>Use type-c charging port
>It can be cured 5000 times with one charge
>Using 2200 mAh lithium battery
>It adopts blue and purple optical system. Can cure all Dental curing resin
>Special lens condenser design
>Broad spectrum blue-violet light design suitable for most resins on the market
>4pcs 12W high power LED light source
>360° rotation curing head
>Constant power output design
>4working modes: super power, constant power, gradually strong, flash

Product Details

-Time setting:
Super power mode:1s,3s,5s
Constant power, flash, gradually strong modes: 5s 10s 15s 20s 25s 30s 35s 40s

Standard equipment
-Main body 1pcs
-curing head 1pcs
-Filter cover 1pcs
-Charger cradle 1pcs
-Charger cradle 1pcs
-Manual 1pcs

Charging power adapter input:
Charging power adapter output:
Internal power supply voltage:
Battery capacity:
Wave length:
385-490nm(Broad spectrum)
Irradiance (normal mode):
Irradiance (super power mode):
Main body weight(g)

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